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I started this blog to help me through a very traumatic experience, posted a few entries and then totally forgot. I guess life was busy happening and so much has gone on.

Where do I start?

Maliya is four months old today. It's hard to believe that just four months ago it was one of the happiest, yet the most terrifying days of my life. A day that changed me forever.

She is learning so many things and always has a smile on her pretty little face! She wakes up all smiles and rarely cries unless I'm not putting a bottle in her mouth fast enough for her liking. She sits up in her boppy pillow and when on my lap, but we haven't really tried sitting her up on her own yet. I think it's early for that yet. She's been teething since around two months old. No teeth have cut yet, but she is finally starting to get some little bumps in there! It's just been slober and gumming everything in the mean time. She loves to giggle and is starting to talk. Not just little coos and sighs, but she is actually trying to move her mouth in different shapes when she is making her noises and she changes her pitch and tone as well. It's really fun to watch her and it's exciting to see the new things she's doing! She rolled over one from belly to back and she is trying to roll back to belly. She gets as far as her side, starts leaning as if she is going to roll onto her tummy and then she catches herself and goes back on her back. She's getting there though!!

Dillon is growing like a weed too. He's been out of school for almost a month, it's been exhausting to say in the least. His energy is just...wow. That kid needs to bottle it and sell it...he'll make a fortune! His speech has been improving and he's been copying words for a while now. It's exciting to see the progress he is still making despite being on summer break from school. Still not potty trained, I've tried a few times to get him to go on the potty. When I ask he says no and gets upset. But he also still doesn't tell us when he has to go or is going in his diaper. So that makes it hard to guess when to put him on the potty...it's frustrating.

A quick update for me, I've been experiencing pre-menopause symptoms and it really sucks to go through this at 25 years old. My hair is falling out and causing bald spots. The hot flashes are probably worse than anything else though. Those make me feel crazy. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (mdd) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd). The psychiatrist I have started seeing prescribed me Luvox for the ocd. At my initial appointment on June 8th, I had 15 out of 18 diagnostic symptoms. Today, after being on a low dose of Luvox for a week and a half, I now have 5 out of 18 symptoms that have not changed or gone away completely. So that's a good sign the medication is working. The ocd symptoms went away completely for the first few days but then came back worse than ever. So she increase the dosage and hopefully that helps. I have to go back in 2 weeks again for another check up. So that is positive news. My crying spells have decreased, that is also another good thing. I think the depression type symptoms have decreased most, but the ocd symptoms feel stronger than ever. So hopefully this increase in meds helps that!

I decided I want to go back and finish my Bachelors degree. I just got my report back from my advisor and she said I need 36 credits to finish, which I believe are all electives. So I'll take child development courses. I am also thinking about doing another BS after we move, but we'll see. I really want to do a BS in early childhood development before going on to possibly do a masters degree...but...we'll see.

Umm, I guess that's a good enough update for now. I don't want to write too much and then make you lose interest because I've gone on with my ramblings. I want to get back into blogging because it does help to make me feel better. Even if no one reads it or even leaves me a comment (which you can do without being a part of blogger-btw).

I think I'm going to try to lay down. I do have a few things I should run and do, but I went to bed later than usual and I'm exhausted, my eyes are even burning.

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