Sighs & Cries

My mediocre day has really gone down hill since this afternoon *cries* :(

It started when Maliya woke me up at the butt crack of dawn, but I managed to make the best of the morning. By the afternoon I got a hot shower and when Dillon woke up from his nap we ventured to the bank and then Target.

At Target I stubbed my pinky toe so hard on the stupid cart wheel it felt like my nail ripped off. I wanted to scream out every curse word I knew and knock everything off the shelves of the isle I was standing in. It hurt so much. Here I am, many hours later and it still hurts to walk. It didn't bleed so I don't think I really tore anything, but man...does it feel jacked up.

Then Dillon didn't want to listen much this afternoon. I understand he loves his little sister....but how many times can he really take being yelled at or swatted for grabbing her arm or sticking his face about a half inch or less from hers and yelling/laughing in her face. I mean, give the poor girl a few inches at least. So that was exhausting to deal with.

When Lee got up, I told him I didn't care if he got right on the xbox so long as he emptied the garbage and took out the recycling. I got Maliya ready and we were off to the mall for retail therapy.

Just to get into Gymboree and am told by the clerk they were closing in 5 minutes. I look at my cell phone and realize it's almost 6 and it's Sunday. The mall closes early on Sunday. Definitely a FML moment.

So I look up the number to Waikele Outlets, same hours. I look up the number to Babies R Us, they close at 7. We got there and still had 45 minutes to shop around. I got two onesie/pants sets and a cute, soft denim skort (she'll have to grow into). I also picked up a cool car from Cars 2 for Dillon, couldn't forget my little man!!

I got home and was kind of excited to show Lee what I had bought. I wanted to show someone, it's not much fun shopping pretty much by yourself. I don't really count a sleeping baby as company. He was less than interested between a match, so I gave up and went about my business. It sucks not having a girl friend I can really call up at the last minute and ask if they want to go shopping. *sigh*

Now I'm sitting here, depressed and my pinky toe is throbbing. I'm dreading having to get up and walk up the stairs with Maliya, but boy am I ready for bed....it's been a day.


  1. I wish I could be there for you!

  2. Well, you can show me your shopping victories (within bounds, of course), and will say "Like".
    My mother raised us to be an appreciative audience.