Sweet Potatoes & A Sunset

Since we got the okay to start trying solids, I thought yesterday would be fun to try some sweet potatoes with Maliya. I do veggies first otherwise we may never get through them all! Of course babies love fruit, it tastes good. So I think doing the gross stuff first is better. Well she definitely isn't ready, she just gagged. Poor thing. I also tried some plain cereal last night, she has a little in her bottles so I know she's ok with it...she gagged again. So we'll try again in a few weeks to a month, but I did manage to take some pictures!

Sweet Potatoes 
Other than that, nothing too exciting happened yesterday. There was an amazing sunset last night. Lee had to work, but the kids and I were sitting in the living room and it was lit up orange. I could see orange out of the high-rise windows and thought I'd run outside and snap a few photos. I figured if it was that orange and bright...it had to be pretty! I was trying to rock Maliya asleep and she woke up on the walk outside, but it was worth it :) I took this photo with my Android phone and yes, the sunset actually looked like this! One of the few things I will miss about living in Hawaii. The beauty never gets old.

Honolulu, Hi 6.25.11


  1. Finally got over here. The sunset IS amazing, and so is your family.
    It's nice to come over to B-spot. I needed a break from the other site, and the drama.

  2. For some reason i remember only starting with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk or formula and then transitioned to veggies a little later. But i'm rusty with all this stuff...i need to figure all this out again! Is Maliya sleeping through the night? Man, i can't wait for a full night's sleep again....