Yep, It's Long

Many things to cover tonight :)

Yesterday evening, I was taking Paige home and we were sitting in terrible traffic on the H-1. We were listening to the radio and chatting when I heard them announce a giveaway of $100 cash to caller 102. So I started calling and told Paige if she called too, we would split it if one of us got through and won.

She and I called non-stop the entire hour (or longer) we sat in traffic on the way to her house. Rarely did we get even a busy signal, but we did each get through once. I was caller 38 and Paige was caller 57. It gave me a little hope! Usually when we were calling, it'd just be the AT&T jingle with a recording that said to try again later. But we didn't give up.

After we got to her house, they announced callers 97, 98 and 99, then went to a song. I was sure they had their winner but I kept calling until they played the winning caller. Paige ran into the house to go to the bathroom while I kept trying to get through. Then the phone started ringing and I had figured they cleared the lines since they had a winner. But I didn't hang up and suddenly the dj answered! He asked my name and where I was calling from and I told him and that we had been trying to call for an hour and got through twice. He told me I was caller 102!!!! I've never won anything in my life so it was very exciting! We screamed in excitement and I said 102.7 the bomb, when he asked what radio station hooked me up (typical phrase they have winners say). He then asked me to hang on so he could come back and get my info. After I gave him the information he needed, he gave me a number and name to the promotions manager and said if I don't recieve a call within 2 weeks from that day, to call in. But he said I should get a call letting me know when I can go in to pick up my prize.

That was probably the coolest thing that's happened to me in such a long time!

I made and sold my first satin ribbon leis today. Andrea (Paige's mom) has family coming in from the mainland and she asked if I would make her three leis for her neices and nephew, the adults were getting liquor leis. I said sure, so we went to Ben Franklin's and she picked out the ribbons and I bought a couple of things. We went back to my house, I made them and posted a listing on my shop on Etsy so she could buy them from their and post feedback. All of the headbands she's bought from me haven't been listed, oh well. I wasn't sure how much to charge for a handmade ribbon lei, I was thinking like $8-$10 or something. But Andrea insisted I should definitely charge more because even the machine-made ribbon leis in stores are about $15-$20. Which she proved while we were in the craft store. So she paid $20 a piece for them. That was exciting! The most money I've made in one order and the first leis I've sold. Pretty cool stuff :) Paige even told me some ladies at the airport complimented how nice they were. That really made me feel good.

And lastly, I just got done making peanut butter balls. It's a candy that I learned how to make from a postcard, it's yummy. Better than a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup if you ask me (and Andrea's son!). Her husband, son and nephew loved the ones Paige and I made yesterday, so I made some more tonight to drop off at their house tomorrow. I rolled 174 little balls of peanut butter, confectioner sugar and butter (mixed of course). They have to sit in the fridge over night, then tomorrow I have to melt milk chocolate chips and dip all of those tiny candy balls into the chocolate and then let them sit in the fridge until they are hard. I'm not looking forward to dipping all of that...it took me about a half an hour just to roll them all! I don't mind though, it's for good people so it's worth it.

Now I am pretty much done winding down for the night, so I'll end here. Maliya has her 4 month well-baby check up tomorrow and we have to drop Lee off at work in the morning for quarters. I hate his stupid command, but just over a year and we're done with their dumb shit. Goodnight, xoxo!

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  1. I want some peanut butter balls!!! LOL...and some leis!!!! Awesome on your radio win, I never win!!! Love ya,