First Tooth!

Maliya cut her first tooth this morning!! The one next to it should cut through any day now, it's very exciting! She just turned 5 months a week ago and a tooth already cut through. I think Dillon was about 6 or 7 months when his first two cut through, at the same time.

First tooth!

Sitting up unassisted for a few seconds!
Dillon had his meet and greet day at school this morning. We took in his supplies, well most of them. And he got to see his teacher and the teacher and aides got to see Maliya. They couldn't believe how big she has gotten and I got compliments on how good I look. That made me feel good :) And I was told I look like I've lost more than 15 lbs. But I really haven't! I was down to about 226 when school let out, I gained a few pounds and started this journey at 231. Now I'm around 216 (unofficial weigh-in). 

Speaking of weigh-ins. I can't wait until next week to see what I've lost in the past two weeks (by then). My pants and capris are getting too big and now I'll have to dig out a few things I have that are a size down from what I am wearing now. And see if they fit. I wore them when we first moved here, but I weigh less than then. Weird how that works...huh?


Lots of Things

It's been a bit since I last blogged, just been busy or it gets late and I run out of time in the day. Or I'm too tired, in all honesty.

So here's a quick catch-up!

Maliya is now 5 months old! She is so close to cutting her first two teeth and I feel a little bump next to those two so she might be cutting 3 at once soon! She is rolling the second she's put on her back, it's a wrestling match during diaper changes now. Maliya is scooting backwards really well now and scoots across the floor if I let her, the carpet is kind of rough so I try not to let her on it for long so she doesn't get rug burn on her belly or legs. She is also starting to sit up unassisted too! Not for long, maybe 5-10 seconds at most, but it's a start!! Here are some photos!

5 months old!

Playing dress up

Pretty girl <3

Mad she can't go forward

Sitting up by herself!

Sharing secrets

Mmm, green beans :)

I've had some of my clothes fitting that haven't in years :) That has been exciting! I posted progress photos on my weight loss blog.

I am going to be making and selling my first baby afghan! I have never made them for anyone else before, let alone sold one. I also ordered some things to try making baby security blankies, you know...the kind with little taggies on them. I'm excited! I got minnie fabric and mickey fabric and some minky that coordinates for the other side. Woo!!



I was watching that show, Extreme Couponers, yesterday and I sort of got a little jealous. Not of their hoards or "stock piles" as they called them, but of the savings. So I decided I want to coupon, on a reasonable level. I don't want to be extreme, I don't want to hoard items and food just because it was free or I saved money on it. I just want to save some money when I do grocery shop :) So I picked up a Sunday paper and got a coupon thinger at Target and clipped what we needed or would use. There was even a coupon for Cattle Company! A really expensive restaurant with super yummy steaks and whatnot. So we're going to go before that expires next month! I can't wait :) I also got some Subway coupons in the mail yesterday, so I am going to use one today for my lunch. I also think I'm going to contact certain companies and tell them how much I love their stuff and hopefully they'll send some coupons or something. Like for diapers or formula or toilet paper. Charmin is expensive stuff!! I look forward to it.

Saturday I had off from counting calories as we went to dinner that night at Buffalo Wild Wings with a huge group of people. 10 adults and 4 kids. Pretty busy! Then everyone came back to our house to hang out and the guys played a cash game in the garage. It was nice to hang out and I had a lot of fun at dinner and at home. I felt guilty though because I didn't work out that night either, after not counting calories all day. But I didn't eat much all day...maybe a couple 100 calorie snacks and then some drinks here or there and not even entire servings of them. Then at dinner I ate boneless wings, celery and ranch and had two fruity drinks :) Probably consumed upwards of 2,000 calories due to the drinks. Oh well, I guess one night off is ok right? It was the first night I didn't count calories OR workout in 2.5 weeks. Then yesterday I got back on track with everything. Now I'm just anxious for next week to come so I can have my second weigh in, I want to see how much I will have lost in 4 full weeks. I need to get up to the specialty surgery clinic for a weigh in with them so they can document it in my file. Maybe I'll try to this week.

Dillon starts school in two weeks on the 1st. Time is flying by! I know he'll be happy to see his friends again, he likes school a lot. I'm excited to see him get on the bus in the mornings, it'll feel like he's really going to school now! Last year he did almost a full year of pre-k, but I drove him to and from school. This year for a second year of pre-k, he will ride the bus to school and Maliya and I will go pick him up when he gets out.

I am going to mail out a ton of stuff this afternoon when Dillon goes down for his nap. I'm excited to send out orders and a package to one of my friends full of Maliya's newborn sized clothes for her baby girl! I can't wait until they all get their stuffs :)

I guess enough for now. I want to get my crystal light out of the fridge and doodle around online. I would sit and make some bows, but I know the minute that glue gun is hot enough, Maliya is going to wake up and want to eat. Always happens that way. So I'll just wait til tonight or something. I want to make some stuff with my new ribbons I got the other day!


Two Weeks In

It's been a full two weeks since I started my weight loss journey! You can find my first weigh-in and other updates at my weight loss blog. I'm feeling very motivated! I think I am going to add in a second work out during the day. I want to add in an early-day workout of lower ab crunches and inner thigh leg lifts. Then I'll do my other usual stuff at night.

I'm super tired, Maliya and I were at the ER last night forever. She's fine, but she fell off the couch head first. I took her to be sure her back/neck was ok. I figured her head was fine because she didn't throw up or pass out. It was intense, but she's fine! Just has a little bump on her forehead. She basically did a flip off the couch. She's a tough little cookie, like her mommy :)

Alright, well I am going to get off here. Dillon wants to skype, so I need to ask the people he wants to skype with if they are busy. He misses his Paige and his Nana and Papa (which he started saying yesterday when we skyped with Dad and Kelly!). He got very upset for a good 10 minutes or so when we had to say goodnight to them. Poor kid! I asked if he remembered Nana and Papa and he said yes. I asked if he remembered their dog, Speck. He said no. Silly boy! I wonder if he does remember them though.


I'm Still Here

I'm still around, I know it's been a few days since I last blogged.

I just have lots of thoughts swirling around my head and it's too exhausting to sort through them and dissect them.

Almost to the two week mark and first weigh-in of weight loss. It's exciting, but gives me anxiety and makes me nervous. I keep trying to get in evening walks with Maliya to burn those extra calories while getting fresh air for both of us and getting away from the loudness in the house for a little bit. It's only a mile stroll, but it's nice and she loves feeling the wind on her face and looking at the trees we walk under!

Looking at the trees above

These were all from our walk tonight, I took them with my phone :) It's relaxing to feel the wind on your face and enjoy a setting sun.


Mute Button

Kids should come with a mute button.

It's so frustrating lately that when Maliya fights to fall asleep for naps, she finally passes out and then Dillon wakes her up. It makes me want to punch kittens. As much as I love her, I don't want to hold her all day long because she's cranky from being tired and teething.

Is it August 1st yet??

I'm into my second week in my weight loss journey. I feel great and I'm really motivated! I added a new activity to my routine, so I'm looking forward to my first official weigh-in next Wednesday :) I've been making sure I blog every night with my daily intake on my weight loss blog. And I fit into some jeans that are the same size as the other ones I wear, but they were too tight for some reason. They fit pretty good now, so that's reassuring that I'm not suffering for nothing. This has a purpose and the reward is better than anything I could ever eat.

Not much else has really been going on. Just tracking my calories, exercising, playing with the kids, running the occasional errand here or there. I lead a pretty boring life, the life of a stay at home mom!

I did try sweet potatoes with Maliya again today, still no-go. She made faces, gagged. I felt bad. I mean sure she'll make faces, but I don't want her to gag. I hate gagging so I don't want to make her. So we'll wait another couple of weeks and try again. She is getting so big though!

Well, off to pick up my dinner plate and maybe take a walk with Maliya. It's nice out so I want to enjoy the fresh air. Plus she'll get some too.



Week One

Today is the last day of week one in my weightloss journey. I think I'll splurge a little and allow myself to go a little over 1000 calories today. I think one day a week is good to go over a little bit. Maybe no more than 1100-1200 calories. I did buy some skinny cow ice cream bars, mmm it was yummy. I ate one on the drive home from Target because I was so hungry.

I had another appointment with my psychiatrist. She is pleased that my depression symptoms seem to be fading or are virtually gone. But with my recent diet and ocd symptoms increasing, she wants to wait on increasing my meds more. She said she was planning to increase, but after I told her about my ocd symptoms kicking up, she wants to wait a bit first and see if it's all just more amplified from my consult appt and all. So I have to go back in two weeks again. She said she also supports my restricting to around 1000 calories since almost all of those calories are used for food and not just drink. I drink more crystal light now since it's just 5 calories, so I still drink plenty but it's less calories. And I'm also exercising. But with my history of an eating disorder, she wants to keep an eye on me with that. But I did tell her I don't want to starve myself anymore. I want to try to have a somewhat normal relationship with food for my kids. I don't want them to end up with eating problems like me, because it's awful. I understand her watchful eye though.

So it was a good appointment and so far a good morning. I do feel tired though...it was overcast this morning so I think that's why. Plus Maliya got up at 5:30 am which means I am too ready for naptime.


Happy 4th Of July!

Today is Maliya's first 4th of July :)

Those are some photos I took this morning and then edited with picnik.

Lee has to work tonight...bummer. Hopefully I'll get to see some fireworks from the driveway, but it's doubtful with the tall trees. 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend!


Welcome July

Wow, it's already July 1st.


Time flies too fast, especially when you have kids!

Dillon starts school a month from today. I'm actually looking forward to it. I love having him home every day, all day, but lately he hasn't been listening well and I know he's acting out more because I can't watch him as closely. He thinks he can do what he wants now that Mommy has to watch Maliya more than him. He yanked the screen out of his window the other day and ripped apart the stripping on it...so the screen is completely wrecked. I had to call maintenance to schedule someone to come replace it and the screen on our front door. He's had at that one too, but that has been wrecked for the longest time.

Maliya is growing too fast, every day she looks different. It's exciting, but I hate it. She rolled over from belly to back 3 times yesterday. I was trying to get her to roll back to belly and she'd get to her side. So I rolled her onto her belly and she rolled back over 3 different times. Even Lee got to see it the last time while he was getting ready for work. I'm anxious to try baby food again in another week or so. And she's got some little nubs where her teeth will be coming in!! That is really exciting, she's been teething like crazy. I've had to give her some tylenol one day and then teething tablets two different times. Poor thing, I know it hurts when my wisdom teeth are sore from coming up, I can't imagine how she feels.

I guess I should just end here and get myself and the kids ready. I have some things to get at the store and it opens in just over a half an hour. Plus Maliya is getting sleepy so hopefully she falls asleep on the way there and while we're there. It's exhausting taking both kids, but Lee worked last night so he just went to bed about 30-45 minutes ago and Dillon can't stay home alone!