I was watching that show, Extreme Couponers, yesterday and I sort of got a little jealous. Not of their hoards or "stock piles" as they called them, but of the savings. So I decided I want to coupon, on a reasonable level. I don't want to be extreme, I don't want to hoard items and food just because it was free or I saved money on it. I just want to save some money when I do grocery shop :) So I picked up a Sunday paper and got a coupon thinger at Target and clipped what we needed or would use. There was even a coupon for Cattle Company! A really expensive restaurant with super yummy steaks and whatnot. So we're going to go before that expires next month! I can't wait :) I also got some Subway coupons in the mail yesterday, so I am going to use one today for my lunch. I also think I'm going to contact certain companies and tell them how much I love their stuff and hopefully they'll send some coupons or something. Like for diapers or formula or toilet paper. Charmin is expensive stuff!! I look forward to it.

Saturday I had off from counting calories as we went to dinner that night at Buffalo Wild Wings with a huge group of people. 10 adults and 4 kids. Pretty busy! Then everyone came back to our house to hang out and the guys played a cash game in the garage. It was nice to hang out and I had a lot of fun at dinner and at home. I felt guilty though because I didn't work out that night either, after not counting calories all day. But I didn't eat much all day...maybe a couple 100 calorie snacks and then some drinks here or there and not even entire servings of them. Then at dinner I ate boneless wings, celery and ranch and had two fruity drinks :) Probably consumed upwards of 2,000 calories due to the drinks. Oh well, I guess one night off is ok right? It was the first night I didn't count calories OR workout in 2.5 weeks. Then yesterday I got back on track with everything. Now I'm just anxious for next week to come so I can have my second weigh in, I want to see how much I will have lost in 4 full weeks. I need to get up to the specialty surgery clinic for a weigh in with them so they can document it in my file. Maybe I'll try to this week.

Dillon starts school in two weeks on the 1st. Time is flying by! I know he'll be happy to see his friends again, he likes school a lot. I'm excited to see him get on the bus in the mornings, it'll feel like he's really going to school now! Last year he did almost a full year of pre-k, but I drove him to and from school. This year for a second year of pre-k, he will ride the bus to school and Maliya and I will go pick him up when he gets out.

I am going to mail out a ton of stuff this afternoon when Dillon goes down for his nap. I'm excited to send out orders and a package to one of my friends full of Maliya's newborn sized clothes for her baby girl! I can't wait until they all get their stuffs :)

I guess enough for now. I want to get my crystal light out of the fridge and doodle around online. I would sit and make some bows, but I know the minute that glue gun is hot enough, Maliya is going to wake up and want to eat. Always happens that way. So I'll just wait til tonight or something. I want to make some stuff with my new ribbons I got the other day!

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  1. Coupons were very useful to us when my son was small and my wife was ambulatory and able to make clear decisions about what we should have in our diet that kept us healthy. I still use the healthy stuff, like hummus and quinoa. It's keeping me from being a blob.