Lots of Things

It's been a bit since I last blogged, just been busy or it gets late and I run out of time in the day. Or I'm too tired, in all honesty.

So here's a quick catch-up!

Maliya is now 5 months old! She is so close to cutting her first two teeth and I feel a little bump next to those two so she might be cutting 3 at once soon! She is rolling the second she's put on her back, it's a wrestling match during diaper changes now. Maliya is scooting backwards really well now and scoots across the floor if I let her, the carpet is kind of rough so I try not to let her on it for long so she doesn't get rug burn on her belly or legs. She is also starting to sit up unassisted too! Not for long, maybe 5-10 seconds at most, but it's a start!! Here are some photos!

5 months old!

Playing dress up

Pretty girl <3

Mad she can't go forward

Sitting up by herself!

Sharing secrets

Mmm, green beans :)

I've had some of my clothes fitting that haven't in years :) That has been exciting! I posted progress photos on my weight loss blog.

I am going to be making and selling my first baby afghan! I have never made them for anyone else before, let alone sold one. I also ordered some things to try making baby security blankies, you know...the kind with little taggies on them. I'm excited! I got minnie fabric and mickey fabric and some minky that coordinates for the other side. Woo!!

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  1. I am going to catch up on all these posts. Maliya is just so adorable!! :)