Mute Button

Kids should come with a mute button.

It's so frustrating lately that when Maliya fights to fall asleep for naps, she finally passes out and then Dillon wakes her up. It makes me want to punch kittens. As much as I love her, I don't want to hold her all day long because she's cranky from being tired and teething.

Is it August 1st yet??

I'm into my second week in my weight loss journey. I feel great and I'm really motivated! I added a new activity to my routine, so I'm looking forward to my first official weigh-in next Wednesday :) I've been making sure I blog every night with my daily intake on my weight loss blog. And I fit into some jeans that are the same size as the other ones I wear, but they were too tight for some reason. They fit pretty good now, so that's reassuring that I'm not suffering for nothing. This has a purpose and the reward is better than anything I could ever eat.

Not much else has really been going on. Just tracking my calories, exercising, playing with the kids, running the occasional errand here or there. I lead a pretty boring life, the life of a stay at home mom!

I did try sweet potatoes with Maliya again today, still no-go. She made faces, gagged. I felt bad. I mean sure she'll make faces, but I don't want her to gag. I hate gagging so I don't want to make her. So we'll wait another couple of weeks and try again. She is getting so big though!

Well, off to pick up my dinner plate and maybe take a walk with Maliya. It's nice out so I want to enjoy the fresh air. Plus she'll get some too.


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  1. I literally just checked 20 minutes ago for a new post! haha

    I swear as soon as you move back [or i visit you there] you are having a christina day. no kids, no nothing.

    I wish I were there to save the day!!