Two Weeks In

It's been a full two weeks since I started my weight loss journey! You can find my first weigh-in and other updates at my weight loss blog. I'm feeling very motivated! I think I am going to add in a second work out during the day. I want to add in an early-day workout of lower ab crunches and inner thigh leg lifts. Then I'll do my other usual stuff at night.

I'm super tired, Maliya and I were at the ER last night forever. She's fine, but she fell off the couch head first. I took her to be sure her back/neck was ok. I figured her head was fine because she didn't throw up or pass out. It was intense, but she's fine! Just has a little bump on her forehead. She basically did a flip off the couch. She's a tough little cookie, like her mommy :)

Alright, well I am going to get off here. Dillon wants to skype, so I need to ask the people he wants to skype with if they are busy. He misses his Paige and his Nana and Papa (which he started saying yesterday when we skyped with Dad and Kelly!). He got very upset for a good 10 minutes or so when we had to say goodnight to them. Poor kid! I asked if he remembered Nana and Papa and he said yes. I asked if he remembered their dog, Speck. He said no. Silly boy! I wonder if he does remember them though.

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