Week One

Today is the last day of week one in my weightloss journey. I think I'll splurge a little and allow myself to go a little over 1000 calories today. I think one day a week is good to go over a little bit. Maybe no more than 1100-1200 calories. I did buy some skinny cow ice cream bars, mmm it was yummy. I ate one on the drive home from Target because I was so hungry.

I had another appointment with my psychiatrist. She is pleased that my depression symptoms seem to be fading or are virtually gone. But with my recent diet and ocd symptoms increasing, she wants to wait on increasing my meds more. She said she was planning to increase, but after I told her about my ocd symptoms kicking up, she wants to wait a bit first and see if it's all just more amplified from my consult appt and all. So I have to go back in two weeks again. She said she also supports my restricting to around 1000 calories since almost all of those calories are used for food and not just drink. I drink more crystal light now since it's just 5 calories, so I still drink plenty but it's less calories. And I'm also exercising. But with my history of an eating disorder, she wants to keep an eye on me with that. But I did tell her I don't want to starve myself anymore. I want to try to have a somewhat normal relationship with food for my kids. I don't want them to end up with eating problems like me, because it's awful. I understand her watchful eye though.

So it was a good appointment and so far a good morning. I do feel tired though...it was overcast this morning so I think that's why. Plus Maliya got up at 5:30 am which means I am too ready for naptime.

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