Welcome July

Wow, it's already July 1st.


Time flies too fast, especially when you have kids!

Dillon starts school a month from today. I'm actually looking forward to it. I love having him home every day, all day, but lately he hasn't been listening well and I know he's acting out more because I can't watch him as closely. He thinks he can do what he wants now that Mommy has to watch Maliya more than him. He yanked the screen out of his window the other day and ripped apart the stripping on it...so the screen is completely wrecked. I had to call maintenance to schedule someone to come replace it and the screen on our front door. He's had at that one too, but that has been wrecked for the longest time.

Maliya is growing too fast, every day she looks different. It's exciting, but I hate it. She rolled over from belly to back 3 times yesterday. I was trying to get her to roll back to belly and she'd get to her side. So I rolled her onto her belly and she rolled back over 3 different times. Even Lee got to see it the last time while he was getting ready for work. I'm anxious to try baby food again in another week or so. And she's got some little nubs where her teeth will be coming in!! That is really exciting, she's been teething like crazy. I've had to give her some tylenol one day and then teething tablets two different times. Poor thing, I know it hurts when my wisdom teeth are sore from coming up, I can't imagine how she feels.

I guess I should just end here and get myself and the kids ready. I have some things to get at the store and it opens in just over a half an hour. Plus Maliya is getting sleepy so hopefully she falls asleep on the way there and while we're there. It's exhausting taking both kids, but Lee worked last night so he just went to bed about 30-45 minutes ago and Dillon can't stay home alone!

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