Being Sick...

...really stinks :(

Last Thursday, Dillon's 4th day of school...he came home with a runny nose and by that night he had a cough. So naturally I got sick as well. He is down to just an occasional cough and hardly a runny nose, so I sent him to school today. He is plenty fine to go. I still have a scratchy throat when I swallow and some congestion, but I feel better than yesterday. I am still drained though, so I hope to get some quality rest while Dillon is in school.

Maliya is sitting up so well now. She rocks back and forth though, like when she is sitting in her boppy pillow or against me. I just hope she is doing it from lack of balance or something along those lines. Dillon does it but because he has Autism. It has always been a fear of mine that she will have Autism as well. I guess only time can tell...

I am going to try to run tonight, as crappy as I feel and as much as it is going to suck. I need to do it. Being sick isn't a good enough excuse to not try. And if I start running and it's too much, I can just walk. I took a 1 mile walk last night with Liya around the senior enlisted/large family housing and I was exhausted just half-way through it from being sick. I need to tough it out though and just get it done. I have a week before my next weigh-in and I would like to see some sort of loss. That isn't going to happen if I just lay around and wallow in my sickness.

Now, some photos :)
<3 My loves <3

A kitty I have been feeding on the driveway

Pretty girl 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon, luv. Maliya looks so robust and happy.