Nighttime Ramblings

I am feeling a little down tonight.

I can't place why I feel this way or what caused me to...but I just do.

There won't be a repeat of information about my weigh-in at the surgery clinic today, that can be found at my weight loss blog.

I skyped with Paige earlier, it was really nice to see and talk to her :) I am wondering if that is why I feel down. I see her as something like a little sister to me and now, who knows when I'll get to see her in person again. Hopefully for Dillon's birthday. It makes me sad.

Dillon didn't cry getting on the bus today, he did pout a little, but no tears and the bus driver said he was totally fine the whole ride and when they got to school! So that is a step forward in transitioning back into the school routine.

I have so much that I want to say, but I just don't feel like saying it.

Have you ever felt that way before?

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  1. I have had to put off saying things, for one reason or another. I have missed you so much these past few weeks-so dammit, today is Christina day. I will not be so haphazard from now on, though.
    It sounds like so much, both good and not-so-good, is happening. I'm s glad you at least got to Skype with Paige. Seems like the same person is giving you both grief. This, too, shall pass.