I Do, But I Don't

I think it is finally time to have my wedding band resized.

It is a size 8, I had to have it made bigger after I had Dillon because of all the weight I gained during pregnancy. I had gained 80 pounds and didn't even lose half of it by the time I got pregnant with Maliya. My finger size changed for "good."

Now that I have lost so much weight, so far, my wedding band has been getting looser. It has become something like a security "blanket" for me. I am constantly moving my ring up and down my finger, over my knuckle with such ease. It excites me that if I shake my hand hard enough, my ring will come off. I like how it looks when my ring hangs around my knuckle if I have my hand down.

Tonight, I realized it is too loose. Almost to the point that I don't feel comfortable wearing it out of fear it would come off too easily and be lost or something. But...at the same time, I don't want to have my ring resized because of the sense of security it gives me. It is also a daily, physical reminder of how far I have come and the success I have to date.

I want to have it resized so it fits properly, but at the same time...I am scared to.



  1. There's this little thing they can attach to the inner side of it...it's like these little ball things. It makes it tighter, but it's not a permanent fix like a resize would be. Maybe you could have a jeweler take a look at that option.

  2. I had to get mine sized bigger but now after a year I need to get it smaller. I hate not having my ring on but I wouldn't want to loose it. Im a Navy wife in Hawaii as well, I just found your blog. Im in Pearl City, how about you?

  3. do it! just think, soon you will be able to get it resized again :)

  4. Ive been here for about 2 months, how about you. I tried to find a email for you but I couldn't find one. Email me: TheThriftyMilitaryWife@gmail.com
    Maybe we could meet up? I have a almost 4 year old daughter.

  5. I can understand both feelings. Practically speaking, though, the thought of it coming off your finger, at a location not of your own choosing, is the scariest of all.
    Resizing is the best choice.