Sitting up, playing with her favorite :)
I sent my ring to be resized. I went in to make a payment on my Kays card and asked how much it would be to have my ring resized. I am an entire size smaller, my ring was an 8 and I now wear a 7. Which happens to be the size ring I wore before I got pregnant with Dillon, for the record :) It comes back August 30th. Yay!

Maliya is sitting up better now and she even rode in the cart today at the NEX without her carseat for the first time! It was exciting, but I hate how fast she is growing. I bought her a breathable crib bumper today, the mesh type. She is sleeping in her crib as of tonight, for good. She scoots down in her bouncer most nights and I always check her when I roll over and move her back up. Well...I am done doing that. She's less than a week from being 6 months old, so time for her big girl bed...aka...the crib! Dillon was about 6 months old when I put him in his crib from the bedside bassinet he was in.

I know I will sleep so much better with her crib having the mesh bumpers instead of the padded cotton ones. They cost a pretty penny, but it's worth every cent to know she is safer with those kind than the normal kind! Even if the normal kind are prettier. I got her pink, I will post a photo tomorrow of her sleeping in it tonight.

I guess I will end here for tonight. I am watching Mama on her comforter on the floor and Dillon laying on his belly in front of her. I love seeing them interact, it's adorable. You can see how much they love each other when they are looking at the other. Even Mama has so much love in her eyes for him and of course he has so much love for her...if you never noticed in the photos of them!!

Have a good night everyone. Only about an hour or so until I can go run. I am looking forward to it even though I am exhausted.


  1. Congrats C!!! I cant wait to meet those two!!! Miss you! xoxoxo --- I might start one of these!!! lol

  2. Watching them grow is so beautiful. You guys are doing a super job with the kids, and that will be more evident day by day. They will always be each other's best friend, until the day each finds a soul mate.