About Bia Boutique

Bia Boutique is my "at home" business that I started, after many friends told me I should sell the hair clips and headbands that I was making for Maliya while I was pregnant with her. I have sold to many friends and some have made multiple purchases.

Recently I was asked about how I make my pieces, which is fine. But then out of these questions, a few people started making their own clips and bows. That is completely fine, I wish them well with their crafting, really. One thing that bothers me is that one person copied one of my designs that I had not seen anywhere else. Another thing that bothers me is that they had made several purchases from me and I did a lot of researching techniques and used a lot of videos to get my own ideas for my things.

I am happy for those who use me as "inspiration" to make their own things, but not only do I feel a little hurt that my items may have only been purchased as a means to learn by, but they have taken money from my own pocket. Now instead of referring their friends to my business to purchase things, they make them for free or sell their own creations to their friends.

I don't really know if anyone could understand why or how this situation bothers me and frankly I don't care what anyone thinks about the way I feel.

So, until further notice, Bia Boutique will not be listing new hair accessories on the shop website. The only way to purchase clips and headbands will be to buy what is already listed, since I've already paid for those listings, or to contact me for a custom order listing.

In the mean time I will be crafting non-hair accessory pieces and I'm not really sure if I will share them with anyone other than when they are listed for sale on my website.

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  1. Oh chicky :( I can only imagine how pissed you are, I would feel the same. I would not let this stop you from doing something that you love to do. I figured it would happen at some point :( because it was such a creative idea and everyone is fruit to make an extra buck, even if it isn't their buck to make! You make beautiful pieces and I am sure that YOUR products will get out there and be something BIG!!!! Emily is taking dance now and I sure would love to buy her some headbands to wear (when I get my first "real" paycheck) and I know he over little girls in the class will likely ask where to get them from! Love you lots and hope that these friends realize how much it is hurting you that hey are using your ideas :(