I feel like I have a lot of blogs. I have this one, my weight-loss blog and also a blog on Xanga (a blogging community). I only went back there because I enjoyed getting feedback and comments consistently, which I do not get here. But I never want to post the same things that I post there versus here because I feel like it will be repetitive.

I haven't even blogged on my w-l blog in a while, other than last week when I posted about an unofficial weigh-in. I do log in my food journal, which is real paper, but not the past few days. I've been trying to play around with dieting and not logging. I don't want to count calories and log them forever, y'know.

I see the nutritionist again this week, on Tuesday. I've lost almost a whole pound since last Monday (unofficially, of course). I am going to start some low-impact working out. Walks with Maliya in the evening when Lee isn't working and then crunches and leg lifts when I have the energy.

I made a curtain for my bathroom, but I haven't completely finished it yet. I still need to sew on the ruffles. I might take it down and try to finish it today. I bought a dark brown rug, a tan hand towel and a light blue washcloth today to match it. It looks nice :) I look forward to finishing it and starting a new project. I want to buy some larger pieces of fabric so I can make some throw blankets as I work on inventory...but money is necessary for that and I have not enough for what I want to buy. So I will have to wait. On the 1st, I have to make a payment on my Best Buy card and also make my donation to the National Childhood Cancer Society in memory of Hayden Jones. It is unlikely that I will sell anything before then, so I've raised a total of $67 to donate (rounded up). I thought it'd be more and was also hoping that it would be...but $67 is better than nothing.

Alright, time to feed Dillon lunch and get him into bed for a nap. Then I can work on the curtain since Maliya is napping too. I may just lay down instead, though. I'm pretty sleepy.

Have a good sunday :)

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