I wish I could get a job.

It is starting to catch up to us, having two children while living in probably the most expensive state in our country on one income.

I would only be able to work nights and only nights Lee is off at that. No one would ever work around his screwy schedule.

It's frustrating and I just feel like all I do is spend all of Lee's money (well he tells me constantly its ours but I can't help to feel differently). Bia Boutique has been a total bust, I haven't sold a thing in almost a month. I really hope this new venture will work out much better. I can only hope. But I can't open shop with just 5 or 6 items to sell and I need money in order to buy more fabric to make more things and try new ideas out. Not to mention I won't be able to make a payment on time to my Kays card so that I can rent Dillon a bounce house for his birthday party.

I'm depressed.


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