Back To Basics

I am going back to counting calories. As much as I want to try to do this without having to count...I need to. The number on the scale is going in the wrong direction and I won't lose at least 40 pounds by the new year if I don't go back to counting.

I don't care what Dr Martell said when he yelled at me two months ago for losing weight too quickly for surgery. If it's not too quickly for my health, then I don't think it's too quickly for surgery.

With that said, I am going back to 1000 calories a day and no liquid calories either. I have to do this. Granted I only need to lose about 20 lbs to have my surgery, but I'd rather shoot for 40 and end up just less than 10 pounds from my personal goal weight.

I need to go to Target and the Commissary this morning, so I think I may just walk there.

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