Grocery Budget

I have been thinking a lot lately about coupons and what I believe I am doing wrong. I think I am buying too much at one time and that is why I am not seeing bigger savings than I am.

Right now, I spend between $200-$400 every two weeks on grocery shopping. This is not just limited to food, this is also household items, hygiene items and baby items.

Either way, it is simply too much. I know we live in Hawaii, but that is no excuse. I should be working even harder to save more when it comes to food, household and baby purchases.

I am going to go through my coupons and sort them based on those 3 sections. I need  to make a small binder or something, but I don't want this huge book I take with me when I go shopping. I want something small, than I can stick into my purse. I was thinking one of those business card holders. It looks like a little notebook, but inside it has a ton of pages that have 3 business card slots per page. I may just buy 3 for each department, but I haven't decided yet.

Learning to coupon has been a trying experience so far, but I am determined to make this work. I just wish we could leave Hawaii already, so I can shop at normal stores that mail out sale flyers and so there is a better selection of coupons (and more in the paper).

But that is still a year away. I'll have to make due.


  1. Do you go to a site like Pinching Your Pennies or something else (there are several out there) that tells you when things go on sale AND where to clip the coupon. That way you are getting double the savings and some things end up being free! Let me know if you want more info. To save good money, it's crucial to wait for an item to go on sale and then use a coupon. Good luck!

  2. @Kelly, I shop at the Commissary mostly, since it is tax free and prices are typically less than local stores (although they are usually more than mainland prices). They don't send out flyers and I haven't found anyone that coupons in Hawaii who is also military and shops at the Commissary. I am going to try to keep an eye on Safeway sales as well as Target when I see the flyers or get them in the mail. I've been stocking up on coupons (or collecting) so that I have more than enough of selection when the time comes to use them. It's confusing to start out. I think I am just buying too much at once because I can only get so many coupons that I'll use when I normally would grocery shop. I took over 50 coupons this last time and still only saved 10%. Granted it's savings, but I'd like to see at least 30% or more. I'm still learning though so I am trying not to get too frustrated!!

  3. I just got back from the Commissary & I posted my trip...maybe that helps a little..? Every coupon I print or request in the mail I post on my blogs Facebook page. I know the frustration in trying to shop here. Its more difficult than on the mainland but it is possible to get freebies & good deals.