Learning to Coupon

Learning to coupon has been very trying for me.

The two times I've shopped and used many, many coupons I have only saved 14% and 10%. I know I can save more. I know there is a way to. I just don't really know how yet. And it is hard to coupon at the Commissary when they don't mail out flyers with sales like normal grocery stores.

I just want to save my family money. I want to spend less on things that we can get for cheap or even free so we have more money to save and spend on other things we need. It's frustrating that money is tight because having two children in Hawaii is catching up to us.

It is even more frustrating that I can't get a job to help my husband out a little bit. That is why I want to learn to coupon, the correct way. At least then I can help out his wallet a little bit since I can't get a job and bring income to our family that way.

I wish I had someone to guide me through this.


  1. If you want to get together sometime just email me & we can meet up. It is hard to shop here in Hawaii, but the majority of the time I shop @ the Commissary & the last time I went they paid me $2.32 to take out $41 worth of stuff! But I will totally help you out :)

  2. That sounds great, thank you Jennifer :) Maybe sometime this week we can get together? Dillon is on fall break until the 11th, but his birthday is the 9th and we're having a party for him. So it's been pretty stressful for me!