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Last night, I spent much time changing my blog's appearance. I changed everything down to the font and I have to say....I really do love it! I wish I knew how to create one of those fancy headers like I see on some blogs around this website, but I don't know how nor do I know anyone who does. Oh well. Simple and basic works fine for me.

So last night, the motor in Maliya's swing completely died. There is still power to the sound and mobile, but the swinging motion is no more. The most important part of the swing is gone, I was not happy. Maliya managed to still fall asleep in the swing twice last night for naps despite no swing motion, that was a success at least. I called Mattel this morning to see if I could get a replacement motor or something. The very kind woman said the motor for that swing is on back order (hmm, I wonder why) and that it isn't even due until very late this month. She said it'd probably be even longer for me to get the part than that, so she said they would give me a full refund. Since I no longer have the reciept from when I bought the swing, she said they refund the retail price. That is a-ok with me, $159.99 back into my pocket. Once I recieve the pre-paid shipping labels from them, I have to ship the middle legs back. After they get them, they will mail my refund check. Hopefully this all happens much more quickly that it sounds like it will.

Now that the swing is no more, I am going to take it apart today and put the jumper in that spot. We'll have a little bit more room in the living room now, so that is great! Maliya is trying out naptime in her bouncy seat. It has sound and a vibe setting and bounces slightly when she moves, or if I bounce it. She fell asleep on her own, so that is good. I may not even buy a new swing, full or travel sized. It would be a waste if the bouncer is enough for her to nap in during the day. I would like a pack and play, it's much smaller than the full size playpen we have. Then she could nap in that during the day, downstairs. We'll see once I get the refund for her swing. Maybe I can find a decent priced pack and play on CraigsList or something.

I picked up a 2-pack of black plastic table covers for the 6 foot table I am renting for Dillon's party, as well as a pack of white napkins. So he is all set other than picking up his last gift later this afternoon. I am starting to get excited!

new headband :)

lovin' that silk & minky blanket mommy made <3

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