Catching Up

Wow, it has been such a long time since I wrote on this blog. My best friend linked to her Facebook from her blog and I had to log in for my comment to post. After I was logged in, I figured I could write up an update.

I've been blogging, just not on this platform. I think I should get back into it here because it's a great release and I've been so stressed out.

Maybe I will sit down later once the kids are in bed (aka when it's quiet) and write up a detailed update. I'm not sure of who even reads this because hardly anyone leaves a comment to let me know "hey, I read your blog and I'm here for you!" Well...some leave a comment when I link it to Facebook, on Facebook, but it's only if I link to here. Sometimes I forget to do that.

That's why I like the other place that I blog, there is always someone to reply to your words. To give support, encouragement or even just to say they hope you had a good day!

le sigh.

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  1. "hey, I read your blog and I'm here for you!" :P