first steps of sorts

Maliya has been standing up, by herself, a lot more often lately. She'll pull herself up to her feet, stoop down, then stands up for upwards of 30-40 seconds before she'll plop down onto her butt or grab onto something that may be in front of her. Tonight she took a half-step, but Lee says it doesn't count. She was standing in front of the couch and Lee had his hands out in front of her to try to get her to take a step. She lifted her right foot and took a 2 inch step, then she went to lift her right foot to step with that one and she fell into Lee's hands. She did the same thing later, but fell onto her hands and knees since I didn't know she was going to try to step to me. I'm undecided if I feel it counts as first steps because technically she took a step both times.

Dillon is approaching his last week of school before winter break. It's going to be along 2.5 weeks having him at home, plus Lee on leave a good amount of that time too. It exhausts me just thinking about it! I am really excited for Christmas though, I can't wait for the kids to open their presents!!

I weighed myself yesterday and was 203. I am not weighing myself again until I wake up on January 1, 2012. I am really really really hoping to be 199 or less. That means I will be in One-derland for the first time since I got pregnant with Dillon in very early 2007. That's a really long time. Also, that means I will be less than 10 lbs from my goal weight for surgery. It's just so hard trying to lose weight and not really being able to work out without pain :/ The Flexeril I was prescribed for back pain did nothing at all, besides make me really tired. So I quit taking it, there was no reason to continue. I have an appointment with my pcm on Tuesday so I will see if they can give me something else to try. I just need something to get me through until I can have my surgery. Then once I heal from that I will have great relief. 

Alrighty, it's 10 pm. I am drained, I want to wrap this up, put Maliya in her crib and go to bed myself. My cousin, Chris, is flying into Honolulu Int'l Airport tomorrow from a week long work trip to Japan. He has an eight hour layover and so we're going to meet up and maybe get some lunch or something. I haven't seen him in probably 15 or more years! It's been a while. And how weird it feels to say I haven't seen someone in 15 years! That makes me feel really old even though I'm only 25. 

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  1. Just read your few new posts, glad to see you're back!!!!! <3 Kelly