My First Race

Last night I decided to register for my first, ever, race.

I'll be doing the Great Aloha Run, on February 20th.

With the help of a run savvy friend, I've got a pretty intense training schedule figured out starting today up until the race. There is a short 6 weeks between now and then to get myself running up to 6 miles at a time, hopefully without having to stop or walk.

The run starts at Aloha Tower in downtown Honolulu and ends in Aloha Stadium in Aiea. It's an 8.15 mile run with stations set up along the route for water, physical aid or bathroom. I am hoping to not have to pee at all and aiming to finish in 3 hours. Lee said to finish in 3.5 hours I'd have to average about a 22 minute mile, which I would hope I could average less than that.

I'm not going to be running for time or to place, but running for myself as a personal goal. 8.15 miles is longer than a 10k, that's pretty amazing considering this is my first race. I just want to run as much of it as I can, aim for a 3 hour finish and get my finishers t-shirt after I cross the finish line. Lee, the kids, Paige and whoever else will hopefully all be in the stadium stands, cheering me on and watching as I finish!

I am so excited :)


  1. Christina... I always knew that you would be a remarkable WOMAN and you just keep on proving that to yourself ...me... and the rest of the world.. I cannot express how proud of you I am... It seems that I kick myself in the butt everyday for not being there for you all those years that I missed.. I am here now and I LOVE YOU very much...

  2. You my friend are amazing! Such a dedicated mother and wife and now you are finally making time for you. I am very proud of you so many people do not take the time to really do things for themselves especially with two kids at home, but you are truly making an effort to become the woman you want to be and in the process you are inspiring your family and friends.

    Miss you bunches and I wish you luck. I know you can do anything you put your mind to

  3. when you get back here we can sign up for races and stuff too. I always wanted to do that but i need someone to do it with!

  4. This is so awesome, and I know you will do better than a 22 minute mile. Keep up with the training.

  5. I tried to send you a message on Facebook but I couldn't for some reason.. It said we weren't friends anymore.. Wanted to see if you wanted to get together again?