Training, Walking & A Creep

I started training this week for the GAR. Sunday was rest, Monday I ran 2.5 miles, Tuesday I ran 2 miles, today (Wednesday) I had a 45 minute speedwalk in which I walked 2.35 miles, Thursday will be 3 miles, Friday is rest and Saturday is my long run day which will be 3.5 miles.

So far, I feel great and I'm doing really well! I haven't had to stop during any of my runs, my pace changes but I am doing great with my schedule so far. I do feel pretty tired so as soon as I finish this it is shower and early to bed.

Maliya is walking! It has been very exciting!! She isn't 100% walking, but when you stand her up she will walk. It's about time, she has been taking steps here or there for a month now, since she was 9.5 months old. She's growing so fast!

There has been some pretty scary things going on around the housing community where I live. A man is trying to abduct children, he's driving a blue van with a tarp on it. Thankfully the children ignored him and fled and he just left, but I am worried he may quit being "nice" about it and just snatch a child up as he drives by. I hope they find him soon, I've had my eyes out incase I see the van. No one has grabbed a plate number yet, so even a partial plate number would help.

The world has become such a scary place. What is wrong with people?

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